Best Knee Pads to Prevent Injuries for Scooter Riders

best knee pads

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If you’ve fallen while riding a scooter, you understand how much it hurts your knees. Luckily, owning the best knee pads will help protect you if you fall while riding. Not only do scrapes and bruises often occur when you fall, but significant injuries can also result. Even the most careful riders aren’t shielded from taking a tumble every so often, which is even more prevalent when riding an electric scooter.

To avoid injuries safety and protective equipment is a worthwhile investment for riders to purchase. The best safety gear will keep you protected. And, you’ll also enjoy regular riding without having to worry about being sidelined in the event of a fall.




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How to Choose the Best Knee Pads

best knee pads

The best knee pads for wearing when riding your scooter are going to differ from one rider to the next. For some, a tighter fit is more important than the exterior design or padding. Others want knee pads which are comfortable and provide sufficient padding to soften the fall. However, there are some features which should be present regardless of the product you ultimately choose to purchase.


The knee pads you choose should allow you to move freely and comfortably. You don’t want to restrict your range of motion when riding your scooter. Choose knee pads which will enable you to mobilize quickly, change direction, and maintain full control when riding your scooter.


A gel cushioning or exterior padded material is another essential feature to look for when choosing knee pads. The more of a cushion you have to land on, the more it minimizes the impact on your joints and knees. And, the less likely you are to suffer an injury when riding.


The straps should be comfortable to fasten and tighten, and you should feel high levels of support when wearing your knee pads. You don’t want to feel strain or tension when making sudden turns or movements. Choose knee pads which provide you a high range of mobility for movement.

Multipurpose use

Some of the best knee pads allow you to wear them for multiple activities. Riding your scooter, gardening, or even working on a construction job site. Regardless of where you plan on using them, look for a pair of knee pads which is multifaceted and is durable in construction.

How We Compared the Best Knee Pads

In our comparison guide, we focused on several different attributes to help buyers find the best knee pads. Among these were:

  • Material quality
  • Comfort and protective padding
  • Proper fit and sizing
  • checkUsability for multiple sports
  • checkMobility when wearing the protective gear

Additionally, price, brand-name, and real customer ratings went into our reviews, to help you choose the best protective gear for riding.

Materials Used in Development of the Best Knee Pads

  • EVA padded material
  • Rubber/foam material
  • Elastic straps made of neoprene
  • checkVelcro-fastener closure
  • checkNylon materials
  • PVC materials
  • Plumbing pipes

Knee pads will feature an EVA padded material, which is a rubber/foam material often present in sports protective equipment. It helps minimize impact, soften falls, and allows you to safe landing place if you do fall when riding your scooter. Elastic straps made of a neoprene material are highly breathable, comfortable, and allow for high levels of mobility. Straps often feature a Velcro-fastener closure to keep the knee pads in place.

Nylon materials are often chosen for knee pads and protective sporting equipment as well. It is breathable and offers an extensive range of mobility. PVC materials help strengthen the exterior surface of your knee pads. Often associated with plumbing pipes, it helps stabilize the core of your knee pads. And, it will help prevent them from cracking or breaking if you suffer a heavy fall.

Of course, not all knee pads utilize the same materials or design construction. When choosing knees pads for riding your scooter, these are some of the most durable finishes available.

Proper Sizing, Measurement, and Fit

It is essential to choose the right size when investing in knee pads. Although they are adjustable, if they are too large or small, you’ll notice some issues with mobility when riding. You can start by measuring the width of your knee with a soft measuring tape. Your leg should be straight when measuring the diameter. You will also utilize body weight guides which are available on packaging/labels, to help you determine between S, M, L, XL sizing needs.

It is important to note every manufacturer has different sizing guidelines. If possible, err on the side of choosing a smaller fit, to avoid shifting or the knee pad coming off if you make quick movements.

The Best Products Available

Before ultimately choosing the best knee pads you should compare several products. These are some top-rated options to help you narrow down the list when you’re ready to purchase new knee pads.

JBM International

[amazon box=”B016QHMSZ0″]

This 3-in-1 set comes with knee, wrist, and elbow pads. It features a soft EVA padded exterior material and robust plastic plates for stability. Multiple adjustable straps allow you to adjust the pads for riding comfort. They feature Velcro-elastic closures to tighten/loosen the pads for high levels of comfort and safety.

One of the pros of this set is that it comes with protection for your entire body when riding. It is also available in children and adult sizing. It comes in four different color options.

Some owners did complain about the knee pads, though. There were complaints that it was made of poor quality and construction and sizing guides being inaccurate. Some also complain there isn’t sufficient exterior padding to keep you safe when riding.

HeeLin B

[amazon box=”B0768JDYLL”]

These multi-purpose knee pads feature a thick, sponge collision avoidance protection on the exterior surface. They are made for riding, working, hiking, or other outdoor activities, allowing you to wear them for various events. Unisex design is perfect for men and women.

Purchasers like the size/fit of this knee pad, given it, is available in a small/medium and large size. It retains body heat well and increases blood circulation and flow when engaging in your favorite sports.

LIFT Safety Apex

[amazon box=”B006JBI2AY”]

The gel-knee guard features gel inserts around the patella to help keep your knee joints from moving when engaging in sporting activities. Fully adjustable straps on top and bottom prevent the knee brace from shifting when you’re playing.

Owners like the flexibility and full range of motion the knee pad afford them. A nylon construction also prevents binding and chafing. A textured knee cap maximizes traction on any surface. The knee pad is costly in comparison to others on the list. Some owners also claim the straps don’t tighten properly causing the knee pad to move when they’re engaged in activities

McDavid Hex Knee Pad

[amazon box=”B008FA2US2″]

The McDavid knee pad is one of the best knee pads for individuals who are highly active. In addition to knee protection, they offer protection for the shins, elbows, or forearms as well.

The hex-technology features a superior, close-foam padding design offering athletes a high range of motion, flexibility, and contact/collision support, for all sports. The durable design and thicker material, also make this a product that is built to last. One of the main complaints is that the knee pad runs tight/slightly small. It isn’t adjustable either and can cause overheating if worn for more extended periods of time.

Triple 8 KP

[amazon box=”B0042WKPKC”]

These knee pads off protection for riding your scooter or other sporting activities. EVA-memory foam and neoprene butterfly closure ensure a comfortable fit when worn. And, they won’t slip/move when you’re running at fast speeds.

The high-density material finish and impact-resistant kneecap are features owners of these knee pads highly value. If you fall, you don’t feel a substantial impact on the joints, minimizing the potential for injuries. Some owners complain of a slightly oversized fit, so maybe you should consider sizing down when purchasing these knee pads. Some also complained they are a bit bulky and cause friction by rubbing against the knee when moving at fast speeds.

NaveStar Knee Pads

[amazon box=”B079M2TQ91″]

Protective pads for the knees, elbows, and wrists feature an anti-shock exterior surface to minimize impact when you hit the ground. The four-layered fabric inside foam and EVA-padding guarantee superior protection and durability for your new protective gear.

Owners like how easy it is to adjust the Velcro-fasteners when putting on/taking off the set. They are also available in children and adult sizes, guaranteeing the highest levels of safety and the perfect fit for any user. One of the cons owners note is that the fit/size isn’t uniform throughout (knees, wrists, elbows), so it can be challenging to select the appropriate size. Some reviews also claim the exterior knee EVA padding wears off over time.

GIORO Knee Pads

[amazon box=”B07CWSJPQK”]

This protective 3-in-1 set comes with knee, wrist, and elbow guards. They are impact resistant and have exterior shells on both knees to brace your fall. They are durable, made of PP and PE plastic materials.

The adjustable Velcro-straps ensure proper fit and minimize movement when you’re riding your scooter. The foam padding interior lining also reduces the impact if you fall when wearing your knee pad set. One of the only complaints about this set is the sizing for the knee, elbow, and wrist pads. It is advised to size up, but this can cause some movement/shifting for some users when riding.

Kuangmi Knee Brace

[amazon box=”B01B1F77JY”]

The product is one of the best knee pads if you want compression and injury protection in one. The knee pads are great for people living with arthritis and great for those who are recovering from injuries as well.

They help stabilize the kneecap to prevent injury when riding. The padded protection over the kneecap helps minimize impact when you fall. Compression guard also helps support the patella, MCL, ACL, and ligaments, reducing the potential for injuries. The size and tight fit are a couple of complaints made by some owners. It isn’t adjustable either. And, the knee pad is higher in price than other products on the list

Demon Hyper X

[amazon box=”B07C1C1M4J”]

These knee pads are durable and provide integrated impact protection for the wearer at all times. You can wear them for virtually any sport, so you can get rid of other protective gear and replace it with these knee pads.

Padding inside and out is one of the significant benefits of these knee pads. They are comfortable, minimize impact upon fall, and have high shock absorption material, to help prevent injuries. A very high price-tag is one of the major cons. Some people also claim the knee pads run large, so you might want to size down when purchasing them.

Triple 8 ExoSkin Knee Pad

[amazon box=”B0091PB8N8″]

A final option is this set of knee pads by ExoSkin. The high-density, eight-foam knee pads offer superior protection and padding, to help create a softer landing place when you fall.

Pros of these knee pads include the six-padded sockets over the joints, and perforated neoprene material is highly breathable. The inside terry cloth material also helps with regulating body temperatures when using the knee pads. Some complain that they don’t feel superior levels of protection when wearing the knee pads. Some reviewers complain about quality control as well.

Our Verdict

We believe the JBM International is the best knee pads available for riding your scooter. An affordable price, comfortable fit, and quality material construction make these an excellent option for all riders. Additionally, they are available in sizes for children and adults. And, you receive elbow and wrist pads along with the knee pads. A well-known industry name backs the quality of these knee pads as well.

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