Kymco Scooter – How Do They Perform Against the Competition?

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Just imagine, if you will, never having to search for another parking space again. Think for a moment how fantastic it would be to have a vehicle capable of driving you to work, yet small enough to park at a bike rack — for free. Now, add to that, the savings on gas and it makes you think that something like a Kymco scooter might be for you. The company has many different scooters on the market right now, including some small enough to park nearly anywhere. Thousands of people are getting on board, and entire towns are starting to make scooters available to the public for rent, much like the bike programs we often see. There must be a reason for this surge in popularity.

Of course, for a lot of people riding a scooter seems like a pretty foreign concept. It can be intimidating to think about switching modes of transportation. But, there are excellent reasons scooters like these Kymco scooters are catching on like wildfire. It’s time to find out what all the fuss is about and determine if one of these little movers might be for you.

How to know if a Kymco scooter is for you

First, we will talk about how you know if any scooter, including a Kymco scooter, is right for you. So, we have a list of pros and cons to choosing a scooter over a traditional car.

Pros of owning a scooter:

  • Scooters get excellent gas mileage (some get over 100 miles per gallon)
  • It’s super-cheap to purchase insurance
  • Parking is easy to find
  • You can quickly zip around town
  • Scooters are a ton of fun
  • These vehicles are often less expensive than cars or motorcycles

Cons of owning a scooter

  • You must plan routes carefully if your scooter doesn’t go over 40 miles per hour
  • It can be uncomfortable to spend more than a couple of hours on one
  • Storage space is limited
  • If the engine is small, you won’t go very fast
  • You will need a motorcycle license for anything with an engine larger than 49ccs

Do you need a special license to ride a Kymco scooter?

Concerning whether or not you need a special motorcycle license to ride a scooter — that all depends. In most states, if you have a scooter that is 49ccs or less, you don’t need any extra licenses. There’s a whole list from AAA on what each state requires to operate a moped; typically the same laws that apply to scooters.

A couple of the Kymco scooters we are talking about today are more powerful than 49ccs and will require you to get a special license. Make sure that you check the laws in your area before you decide which Kymco scooter, if any, is right for you.

The Many Different Variations of Kymco Scooters on the Market

As of this writing, the 2019 lineup of Kymco scooters includes nine different bikes. You can get everything from a sporty 49cc scooter at a low price-point to a 399cc monster capable of doing well over 55 miles per hour. And the company offers everything in between. We chose three different scooters at three different price points to review today.

Kymco Super 8 50X

First up, we have the Kymco Super 8 50X. This Kymco scooter is one of the 49cc models we talked about, so you aren’t going to get a ton of speed out of it. However, you will get around 72 miles per gallon, so there is an upside. This scooter has a storage compartment under the seat as well as an electronic start to keep things simple. The rear seat of this scooter flips up for extra back support if you don’t have a passenger. This scooter looks sporty and minimalist in style. The rest of the features include:

  • Instruments: odometer, fuel gauge, and speedometer
  • Automatic transmission
  • 2-year limited factory warranty
  • Telescopic forks used for the front suspension
  • Coilover Mono Shock used for the rear suspension
  • Colors: bright yellow and matte black

The Kymco Super 8 50X also has an option so that you can take it off-road. The dual-purpose Tire and Wheel package allows you to use this scooter on multiple terrains. Kymco also makes a Super 8 150X that has a little more power if you are interested in stepping it up a notch.

Kymco Compagno 110i

Next up for review is the Compagno 110i. We selected this one because out of all of Kymco’s current selections; this one looks like one of the classic old-school Italian scooters. The Compagno has curved lines and rearview mirrors that make up a look that competes with a Vespa. Keep in mind, though, that this scooter is 112ccs, so you will need your motorcycle license to operate it. Let’s take a look at the rest of the features.

  • Electric start
  • Automatic transmission
  • Storage area under the seat
  • Back seat flips up so you can rest when you don’t have a passenger
  • 2-year limited factory warranty
  • Telescopic forks for the front suspension
  • Mono shock for the rear suspension
  • Front disc brake: hydraulic
  • instruments: LCD fuel gauge, digital clock, odometer, speedometer
  • Comes in multiple colors: mint green, matte white, and matte black

One thing is definite with the Compango — the classic good looks will turn heads. And even with more power, you will still get around 64 miles per gallon.

Kymco X-Town 300i ABS

Finally, we have the most powerful scooter on our list, the X-Town 300i ABS. This scooter is far too large to think about parking on a bike rack. However, if you want as much power as a motorcycle, this is the Kymco scooter for you. According to Kymco, the X-Town 300i is the company’s “Best Equipped Sport Touring Scooter.” Check out this scooter’s features:

  • Braking system: ABS (anti-lock brakes)
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Instruments: Odometer, speedometer, tachometer, fuel, engine, temperature, ambient temperature, voltage, clock
  • Storage area under seat illuminated by an LED
  • Automatic transmission
  • Electronic start
  • Coolant: liquid cooled
  • 4.33-inch Travel, 1.46-inch Telescopic Fork: front suspension
  • 3.9-inch travel, Twin shocks with 5-Step Pre-load Adjustment: rear suspension
  • Scooter available in two color selections: matte white and gray metallic

This scooter is 275.6ccs, so it is much more powerful than the other two. The X-Town 300i ABS gets 65 miles per gallon, though, even though it’s pumping out 23.2 horsepower from the engine.

How we reviewed these Kymco scooters

For these scooters, there are not a ton of online reviews available. For each scooter, we researched and found every review that we could locate. Since those reports are limited, we dug deeper and found a lot of good stuff on message boards. From there, we simply report the truth.

Customer reviews of each Kymco scooter

Next, we are going to talk about what real customers have to say about each Kymco scooter on our list. This section is where we bring you the truth both the good and that bad about these little Tawainese vehicles.

Kymco Super 8 50X

We managed to locate a few reviews for the Kymco Super 8 50X, and they are mostly positive. One user liked everything from the two different tire options, the back seat that flips up, and the functionality of the scooter. Another reviewer reported that they only spent $5 to $7 every week getting to and from work on their Kymco scooter. On top of that, another customer said that they had owned the Kymco Super 8 50X for over a year and they have zero problems to report. While the number of official reviews is lower than we like, people on the message boards confirm again and again that their Kymco scooter is super-reliable.

The only negative reviews we could find about this scooter pertained to its power — or lack thereof. Of course, this is a 49cc machine. That engine means that you aren’t going to win any races on it. However, when you add up how much you save in gas, many people don’t mind slowing down.

Kymco Compagno 110i

Next up we find out what customers have to say about the Compagno 110i. Remember, this is the scooter that looks like the classic Italian scooters some of us adore. Now, this particular scooter is still pretty rare to see around the United States. However, we still managed to locate a few reviews.

One new user said that this Kymco scooter is an excellent compromise between the smaller 49cc models and the larger models that are too big to fit in small spaces. Another reviewer pointed out that the Compagno 100i is a perfect alternative to paying hundreds or thousands more for a scooter that is just a smidge more powerful at 125 and 150cc. Many reviewers are very pleased with the power output of this machine. And remember, Kymco scooters have an excellent reputation for reliability, and that’s vital.

We could only find two negative reviews about this scooter. First, a couple of customers thought the price point for this machine was too high. Second, a very tall customer found that the Compagno was too small for them. So, if you are very tall, make sure you try one of these out before you take the plunge.

Kymco X-Town 300i ABS

Finally, let’s find out what people have to say about the Kymco X-Town 300i ABS. First, one user reported that this scooter has plenty of power as well as a superb suspension. They had no problem zipping around town or out on winding country roads, either. That same user said that the under seat storage is the largest they have ever seen on a scooter. Another user said that the X-Town 300i has decent wind protection. The only complaint they had was that if they hit only the front brake on a quick stop, things got, “shaky.” We could not find any other negative reviews of this scooter.

Prices of each Kymco Scooter on the list

In this section, we talk about how much each Kymco scooter on the list will cost. For today, we will give you the MSRP from the company. Keep in mind, though, that when you are shopping at your local dealer, the price will likely vary. First, the MSRP for the Super 8 50X is $1,799. Then, the MSRP for the Compagno 100i is $2,399, and for the X-Town 300i ABS, the MSRP is $3,999.

How Do Kymco Scooters Compare to the Competition?

In this section, we are going to talk about how each Kymco scooter on the list compares to the competition. We located other scooters that are in the same class or have similar price points to one of the scooters on our list.

Vespa Primavera 150cc

Next, we will compare the Kymco Compagno 110i to Vespa’s classic Primavera 150cc. We can tell you first that the Compagno looks similar to the flowing lines of the Primavera. Also, right off we know that the Vespa is a little more powerful with 150ccs versus only 110. The gas mileage on the Vespa is slightly better than the Kymco’s 62 miles per gallon at 98 miles per gallon. And the Vespa comes packed with little extras like a GPS locator and a remote control that opens your storage compartment. The Vespa also has more color options available.

All this might have you asking why, then, would anyone buy anything other than a Vespa? Well, it comes down to the cost. For all those bells and whistles, you will pay much more for a Vespa than you will for a Kymco scooter. The Primavera 150cc MSRP is $5,249. Remember, the Compagno was only $2,399. So, while we know that Vespa is setting the standard for scooters, Kymco is still a reliable budget alternative.

TaoTao Pony50 (ATM50A1)

Finally, we compared the Kymco Super 8 50X to the TaoTao Pony50. The TaoTao brand is a well-known discount manufacturer out of China. The Pony50 is comparable to the Super 8 in many ways. Both machines are 49cc so they have the same power ranges. The suspensions are different between the two scooters — the TaoTao uses hydraulics. Additionally, the Pony50 is far less expensive than the Kymco scooter with a cost of $650 to $750.

On the surface, this seems like a good deal. However, we checked the reviews. There are some serious red flags for the TaoTao. When many users have the same issue, there’s a problem. According to customers on Amazon, this scooter is unreliable, arrives broken, and stops working for no reason. So, if you have a small budget and you are good at fixing mechanical issues, a TaoTao might be the choice for you.

Now Grab Your Gear It’s Time to Hit the Road

And there you have it folks, the final report on Kymco scooters. We want to leave you with a few final notes. First, each Kymco scooter on our list is much cheaper than most of their competition. Usually, when that happens, the discounted items end up having negative reviews and performance issues. It’s notable that that is not the case with Kymco scooters. Secondly, please remember to purchase safety equipment. Each scooter has rearview mirrors and other safety devices. However, helmets and knee pads (if you want) are entirely up to you. No matter what, good luck, keep it safe and have a great time when you hit the road.

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