Today’s Top 9 Trusted Scooter Brands For Everyone

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If you’re considering investing in a scooter for your child or loved one, knowing which are the most trusted scooter brands is the first step to selecting the perfect scooter. From scooters for kids to electric commuter scooters, purchasing a product from one of the most trusted scooter brands today will make a world of difference.

The top trusted scooter brands in the world have been around for years and have a proven track record of producing safe and reliable scooters. That said, attaining the title of “most trusted” is something most brands will never achieve. Today, with so many scooter manufacturers capitalizing on the upswing in people’s interest in scooters, there is a lot of competition for scooter brands. Earning a spot among the most trusted brands is no easy feat.

The History of Scooters

The first known scooter was built in Germany way back in 1817. The earliest records of scooters being used by children in Europe and the United States date back to the early 20th century. Not much changed until the 1970s when Honda created the Kick ‘n Go, and then again in the 1990s when the first foldable scooter (the Razor) was designed. Since the turn of the century back in the year 2000, 3-wheel, 4-wheel, and many hybrid variations of scooters have been introduced to the market.

Electric scooters first appeared on the market about two decades ago. One of the first electric scooters in the world, the Peugeot Scoot’Elec ran on a nickel-cadmium battery and was capable of 25 miles per hour (mph). With the invention of the lithium-ion battery not long after, electric scooters are now more energy efficient, have much more torque, and are cheaper to produce as well. Today, new and innovative scooter designs, mechanically as well as aesthetically are created on the regular.

What to Look for in Scooters From the Most Trusted Scooter Brands

Before choosing a scooter, even from one of the most trusted scooter brands, there are several crucial considerations to make. Among the most obvious considerations are wheel sizes, deck size, and handlebars. However, there is much more to take into account.

Deck size and height

The size and height of the deck are two of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a scooter. The larger the deck is, the larger the wheel size will be. Larger decks give riders more room for their foot positioning as well as easier access when stepping on or of the scooter. The height of the deck, on the other hand, is one of the most overlooked aspects of scooters prior to purchasing. The truth is, the lower the deck is the more comfortable it will be to kick and push the scooter.

Wheel size

Perhaps the second most important consideration is the wheel size of a scooter. Most scooters have the same wheels of polyurethane that roller skates or skateboards use, though some are pneumatic. Larger wheels allow for longer gliding distances per kick or push as well as superior shock reduction.

Quality of bearings

Another hidden aspect to address before purchasing a scooter is the quality of bearings. Bearings have a lot to do with the speed and smoothness with which a scooter may travel. Every scooter has two bearings mounted in both wheel-hubs. For decades the most popular type of bearing for scooters has been the 608 skateboard bearings. The higher the quality of the bearings, the higher performance the scooter will display.

Brake type

Most scooters rely on the rear fender brake system. A rider simply steps down on the rear of the scooter and it is immediately slowed down to a stop. Handbrakes are another form of the braking system found on some scooters. However, not many scooters have handbrakes, but that’s ok because most scooters don’t really need them.

Battery type

When selecting an electric scooter, the battery type is one of the most important aspects of all to consider. The battery is responsible for powering the motors which turn the wheels and regulate the overall speed and torque of the board. Battery type also determines other factors such as how long a full charge lasts, how long the battery bank takes to fill, and what distance the board will be able to travel when fully charged.


The amount of shock the scooter will be able to absorb, and the type of environment you’ll be riding in, are crucial to consider when selecting a suspension system for a scooter. Many kick scooters come with spring-based suspension systems at the front of the unit. However, others come with suspension built-in on both the front and the back ends. It is noteworthy to mention that European scooter brands tend to have higher-quality suspension systems than other internationally produced brands.

Does it fold?

The ability to fold is one of the main aspects of the Razor that made it so successful in the early turn of the century. Today, a majority of kick scooters are collapsible due to a three-action folding mechanism between the steering column and the deck.

Overall build quality

The overall build quality of a scooter is vital to inspect before purchase. Many scooter brands with inferior products are using low-quality components which wear down and break rather easily. With electric scooters, it’s even more important to pay attention to the quality of components than with traditional kick scooters which have no electrical parts. The most trusted scooter brands today rely on the highest-quality of components to ensure long-lasting and enjoyable equipment.

How Much Does a Scooter Cost?

The overall price range of a scooter from one of the most trusted scooter brands today is between $100 and $1,300. Depending on the size, shape, and brand of scooter, the amount you can expect to pay will vary. The most trusted scooter brands today are available on eBay and Amazon. Warranty options and satisfaction guarantees vary from manufacturer to manufacturer as well.

How We Reviewed

To deliver the most up-to-date and informative review on the most trusted scooter brands today, we searched the interwebs high and low. We searched through scooter forums, we read scooter buyer’s guides and reviews, we looked at product descriptions from manufacturers and major retailers like eBay and Amazon, as well as taking into account customer reviews, ratings, and complaints.

The Most Trusted Scooter Brands Today

Here is our list of the most trusted scooter brands today. Some of these scooter brands might just surprise you! You will find a summary of each brand including their price ranges, ratings and more.


Perhaps the most well-known of all scooters today, electric as well as classic kick scooters, is the Razor. Designed nearly 20 years ago the scooter is more popular than ever. The Razor helped to evolve the scooter industry by creating the first foldable unit back in the 1990s and one of the most popular electric scooters to-date. No other scooter brand in the entire industry has been sought after by riders around the world as much as Razor.

You can find Razor electric scooters like the A6 on Amazon for between $100 and $200. The A6 has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Razor products come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

GOTRAX E-Scooters

One of the only brands producing strictly E-Scooters to make our list is GOTRAX. These electric scooter manufacturers are responsible for some of the most cutting-edge scooters and hoverboards on the market, including the GOTRAX GXL. This scooter is powered by a boosted 250-watt motor and 36v battery. Capable of 15 mph for up to a dozen miles per charge, the GXL is the perfect alternative commuter vehicle.

You can find GOTRAX electric scooters in the GOTRAX store on Amazon. The GOTRAX E Scooter has a 4 out of 5 stars rating via Amazon customer reviews. The price range for one of these bad boys is $450 to $550. For more information on GOTRAX warranty options please visit their warranty page.


The UBER SCOOT is one of the latest high-performance vehicles to hit the scooter market. The scooter comes from world-renowned Puzey Design. With over two decades of innovative industry firsts, including many patents, Puzey is responsible for advances in not only scooters but in powerboards and other high-performance vehicles as well. Over 5 million products have sold to date, and the company continues to grow to supply global demand.

You can purchase an Uber Scooter via their website, or on eBay. Parts for the Uber Scooter are available on Amazon. The price range on Uber Scooters is $250 to $1,250. Uber Scooters come with a six-month manufacturer’s warranty.


Ninebot is another innovative electronic vehicle brand. They also produce several other types of products. However, their scooters are also totally one of a kind. They collapsible, are portable and can travel almost 14 miles on a single charge. The scooters automatically turn on and light up when you step onto them. They also come with over a dozen separate security features as well. Ninebot believes that life is an adventure in itself, and they aim to create high-performance vehicles to meet life’s demands with style and ease.

These scooters are available through the Ninebot store on Amazon, as well as the company’s own website. The price range for a Ninebot scooter is between $650 and $1,200. Ninebot scooters come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Glion Electric Scooters

The Glion Electric Scooter brand produces stand-up scooters that are reliable, fun, and just as good for commuting as they are for zipping around the park. The Glion Dolly, the main model, manufactured by Glion, runs on a Li-Ion battery and has a foldable body. It runs quiet, is built to last, and it’s easy to clean as well. There are no gears or chains, as it runs on a rear mounted brushless hub motor, and it reaches top speeds of 15 mph with adult riders. The Dolly scooter from Glion has a maximum distance of 15 miles per single charge. One of the things that make the Dolly so superior to other scooters in the same class is its frame. The frame is crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and has a powder coating finish and military-grade 8-inch tires. The controls of the scooter are also water resistant.

These favorite scooters are available via Amazon, eBay, and the official Glion Scooter website. The price range for a Glion Dolly scooter is $600 to $650. The Glion Dolly comes with a limited warranty from Glion Scooters.

A Final Word About Trusted Scooter Brands Today

The Razor brand tops the list of the worlds most currently trusted scooter brands today. The brand has been pumping out trustworthy and durable scooters for the better part of two decades, including electric scooters since 2003. Whether you’re looking for a classic kick scooter or an electric one, Razor is the most sure-fire scooter brand to invest in with a doubt.

Selecting the right scooter for our loved ones can be difficult, which is why sticking with one of the most trusted scooter brands today is so important. The most trusted scooter brands today are responsible for the manufacturing of safe and durable products for our children (and adults) to enjoy. As we move towards more electric scooters on the market than ever before there is additional concern about the quality of electronic components. Many up-and-coming brands have much to prove before being added to the list of most trusted scooter brands today. For now, the reliability of many electric scooter brands is still yet to be determined.

Have you recently purchased, or already own, a product from one of the trusted scooter brands we reviewed? How has it been holding up? Is it everything you expected? We’d like to hear all about it in the comments below!

Happy scooting!

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