The 10 Best Electric Scooter Models

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Electric scooters are the next eco-friendly urban commuting trend. In many areas (especially those with warm weather), savvy city dwellers, visitors, and workers already use their bicycles to get around. Bikes are fun, convenient, inexpensive and reduce your carbon footprint, but they can also leave you messy, disheveled and tired. An electric scooter can zip you from one neighborhood to the next without breaking a sweat or wrinkling your work clothes. Much like bike-sharing programs, rentable scooters are popping up in cities all over, too.

Why not enjoy their benefits for your daily commute? The market is filled with electric scooter options for almost any need. Although today's scooters resemble ​foldable aluminum kids' modes of transportation, they are not toys. Electric scooters are full of convenient features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, and can be light and portable or more rugged. When you are shopping for an electric scooter, it's important to know what features are best for your commute.

Electric Scooter FAQs

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  • Eco-friendly, easy commuting in a variety of settings
  • Gives consumers a new transportation option in areas where there are traffic bottlenecks or subway delays
  • Runs on a next-generation rechargeable battery with extended ranges and speed options
  • check
    Extensively available online through Amazon and other e-commerce sites as well as manufacturers' websites

How We Reviewed

There are a lot of ​electric scooter choices on the market, so choosing the right one can seem daunting. Some are great for speed and acceleration, while others boast long range. We believe it's essential for shoppers to know all the benefits and potential drawbacks of an electric scooter model upfront. We've thoroughly researched the features of the most popular and up-to-date models. We collected information from manufacturers and resellers and analyzed customer reviews to give you an unbiased list.

Top 10 Electric Scooters

The following are the top 10 electric scooter models available today. These are in no particular order but will help you narrow down the best option for your needs.

Scooter-sharing programs are taking off in San Francisco, Washington, D.C, and Austin, Texas through startups like Bird, Limebike, and Spin. Don't worry if your city doesn't have its own sharing program, simply pick up the most common model, manufactured by Xiaomi. The MiScooter is simple, sleek and easy-to-use, which is probably the reason why it's being rolled out to the masses for rental. Users give this electric scooter model high marks for weighing a mere 26.9 pounds. Its foldable aluminum frame is sturdy and easy to carry, too. With top speeds of 15 miles per hour and a battery range of up to 18.6 miles, the MiScooter will get you around even the largest city. Available through and Amazon, it is one of the cheapest models on the list and boasts great performance.

Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter w/ Premium Li-Ion Battery
  • Patented dolly and vertical self-standing feature with 1-second foot-actuated folding.
  • Electronic anti-lock brakes and rear fender foot activated press brake.
  • Front fork suspension for a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Clean, quiet, gearless hub motor powered by a 36 volt 7.8 ah lithium-ion battery.
  • A portable, personal electric vehicle. Cover sold separately.

Similar to the MiScooter in portability and design, the Glion Dolly electric scooter adds never-flat tires, a quiet brushless and gearless motor, and a battery that reaches a full charge in 3.75 hours. Best of all, the Glion folds into a dolly, so it maneuvers like rolling luggage. This scooter comes with a pedestrian bell, which is handy for alerting those around you — especially since it boasts such a quiet motor. The Glion Dolly also tops out at 15 miles per hour but has a slightly shorter range than the MiScooter at 15 miles. 

Magnum Premium IMAX S1+ Adult Electric Scooter - 500W, Large Capacity 48V/10A Lithium Battery - Easy Fold-n-Carry Design (Blue)
  • 🛴 PREMIUM-QUALITY & CREATIVE DESIGN - Made with high-quality aluminum alloy and sporting a metallic black finish, the S1+ Electric Scooter is not only extremely durable and built to last, but also has the user riding in style. Letting you look great while also living a more active and healthier lifestyle.
  • 🛴 SAFE & RELIABLE BREAK SYSTEM - The Magnum S1+ is fitted-out with a Tektro Mechanical Disc brake system, Lever with Motor Inhibitor and Integrated Bell break system for efficient and responsive breaking each and every time, ensuring the riders safety and well-being with its impressive stopping power.
  • 🛴 RIDE WITH POWERFUL SPEEDS- The Magnum S1+'s powerful 48V/10A battery drives the dynamic 500W motor at speeds up to 20MPH with up 20 miles of charge time. It also comes with a handy 2 Amp 1.5 lb charger to keep you charged and ready anytime and anywhere you take it for a ride.
  • 🛴 INNOVATIVE FOLDABLE DESIGN- Weighing in at only 36 lbs., the S1+ Electric Scooter features an innovative foldable design that locks in place and makes it simple to store, carry, and take with you wherever you may go. Its design also allows for the handlebars to fold inwards for even easier storage.
  • 🛴 INTELLIGENT LCD DISPLAY- With the S1+'s Fixed Monochrome LCD display, you'll be able to tell at a glance how much battery power it has left before it's next charge, how fast you're going in both MPH and KPH, its power level, and an odometer to see exactly how far you've traveled.

A high-powered and highly-rated electric scooter, the IMAX S1+ gets its power from a 500W motor. Reach top speeds of 20 miles per hour and cruise in comfort on its wide decking and soft, air-filled tires. The IMAX is heavier than some at 36 pounds, but safety and comfort take up most of the extra bulk. From a real wood deck to disk brakes and a 20-mile range, the higher price of this electric scooter pays off in features and benefits. Available through Amazon.

UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter
  • UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter

The Uber Scoot 1600W electric scooter looks nothing like a child's foldable Razor-scooter. It has a chain-drive, inflatable 11-inch tires, and an adjustable seat so that it can pass for a small mini-bike. The 1600W motor gives it power and speed and can accommodate a 265-pound rider — which is the most of any on the list. That power takes some time to recharge, though, with up to eight hours required to get to 100 percent. The range is on the low side, with users reporting an average of 10 miles, but several users report reaching up to 30 mph on this electric scooter. Available through Amazon.

QIEWA Q1Hummer 800Watts 37MPH Electric Scooter with Dual Disk Brakes Max Driving Range Up to 65 Miles,550lbs Max Load Weight with 26Ah 48V Lithium Battery
  • Motor Power: 800Watts Max Drive Distance:65 MilesConquer 35 degree incline
  • Max Driving Speed: 37MPH For those cities and states that restrict electric scooter speed, we can show you how to easily adjust the speed to meet your local requirementsBattery: 26Ah 5C 18650 lithium batteryMax Load Weight: 550lbs
  • Dual shock absorber for smoother drivingAnti-theft remote key fob Double Disk brakesfor stable braking Tail braking light Available
  • 2 Second Quick-Folding IP65 waterproof Tire:10 inches pneumatic tire features great shock absorption and anti-slip treads
  • USB charging function Customer Service Support:

The Qiewa electric scooter looks like a regular scooter, but it is filled with bells and whistles to make it a well-rounded method of transportation. From dual-disc brakes to a waterproof design, this scooter has premium features not found on some of the other available models. With an 800W brushless motor and powerful lithium-ion battery, riders can expect up to a 25-mile range and fast, smooth acceleration. These features do up the price though. The Qiewa is available through third-party sellers at Amazon.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter
  • Battery-powered electric sit-down scooter with bamboo deck and powder coated frame for emissions-free transportation
  • 500-watt extra high torque motor; 36 volt electrical system; variable speed throttle control
  • Ultra padded seat; adjustable handlebar rake and seat; detachable luggage rack/rear fender
  • Rear disc braking system; standard bicycle-size 16-inch pneumatic tube tires on spoke wheels
  • Features rear wheel drive for increased traction and control

Razor is known as the company that brought foldable foot-powered scooters to masses of children. The company also has a line of solidly-built adult electric scooters. The EcoSmart Metro takes its design cues from Italian motorized scooters of the past while retaining a skateboard, cruiser-bike look as well. With top speeds of 18 miles per hour, this cheaper electric scooter can get you to your destination quickly. Battery life and charging time is a little less impressive, though. The EcoSmart will go about 10 miles on a charge, but it takes up to 12 hours to fully charge.

Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter with 8.5" Cushioned Tires, Cruise Control and 1-Step Portable Folding - Swagger 5
  • Portable and foldable - the 27.5 lbs e-scooter collapses for easy storage in car trunks and closets, beneath subway seats, and inside other compact spaces
  • Have Power, Will Travel - The 250W electric hub motor allows for speeds up to 15 - 18 miles per hour (29 kilometers per hour)* and rolling over inclines as steep as 20 degrees.
  • Charge and Go - Recharge the power scooter's Li-ion battery in 3.5 hours for 6~12 miles of travel. (Please note that the actual mileage may vary depending on the weights, speeds and terrains.)
  • Built to Last - The Swagger 5 motor scooter features a rugged aluminum frame capable of supporting riders up to 320 pounds (145 kilograms).
  • IMPORTANT: Check tire pressure regularly. Low Tire Pressure Drastically reduces speed & range. 28psi Recommended.

While many of the scooters on this list boast top speeds and range, none are as light and portable as the Cellot Carbon Fiber. This electric scooter will make you do a double-take, as it looks like a child's kick-powered toy. The innovative battery and motor system is tucked neatly away, resulting in a sleek 17 pounds that you can carry anywhere. Such portability effects power, though. This electric scooter a range of as low as five miles, and top speeds of 15 miles per hour. Available through Amazon, the Cellot is an inexpensive option for those who want a light and reliable scooter for small trips.

GigaByke V2 Groove 2.0-750W Electric Motorized Bike (White)
  • 2018 UPGRADED VERSION 2: With larger magnets and an increased motor size the 750w GigaByke Groove's motor now supplies you with plenty of torque to tackle those pesky hills and keep your speeds consistent on those long stretches of road. But that's not it! We've also upgraded the motor controller for better throttle input, a more sturdy kick stand, stiffer suspension for comfort and come painted with auto grade electro-static polymer paint so that your bike looks great for years to come
  • STREET LEGAL: Featuring a 750watt motor and 20MPH maximum speed this electric scooter does not require a license or even registration in most states *check local laws for your state. Standard on all GigaBykes will be a front high powered LED headlight offering great visibility at night, ultra bright front and rear LED turn signals and a rear brake light to keep you safe from other motorist. In case you need to stop quickly the GigaByke features hydraulic disk front brakes and a rear drum brake
  • WORLDS MOST ADVANCED ELECTRIC MOPED: Receive instant feedback as you ride with the large LCD display instrument gauge mounted on your handlebars showing battery level, mileage odometer and turn signal status. Ride at ease with extra wide 32" handlebars suited for comfortable long rides and it's slim and light frame that's perfect for hugging tight roads or narrow lanes. For those who don't want to use the motor all the time this bike features pedals so that you can still get your exercise
  • EASY AND AFFORDABLE TRANSPORTATION: Bring excitement to those boring commutes to work, school or around town! It's leather padded seat, optimal seat height, dual front and rear suspension and upright riding position makes for an comfortable riding experience. High power 48v 14AH Silicone lead acid battery can get you 25 miles on a single charge. No need to remove the battery to charge, just plug the charger directly into the charging port of the bike and it will be fully charge within 6 hours
  • INDUSTRY LEADING WARRANTY AND SUPPORT: Ride assured knowing your bike comes with a industry leading 1 year manufacture warranty and lifetime customer support by phone and email

Sometimes, an electric scooter looks like a moped. The Giga Byke Groove nails this look, complete with functioning pedals to save battery life — or get you home if you miscalculate your range. This electric scooter has a strong frame that not only resembles a street-legal moped; it also is street legal itself in many states. With its 750W motor, the scooter has a 20-mile range and reaches top speeds of 20 miles per hour. It also boasts an LED headlight for night driving, directional signals, and a comfortable seat for long rides. The Giga Byke Groove is not the most portable electric scooter, however. It is not foldable, and it weighs a whopping 180 pounds. For those looking for a sturdy, motorcycle-like ride, you might not miss the lack of a folding frame. Available from Amazon.

Super Turbo 1000 LED Edition (Red)
  • Fast Foldable Electric Scooter With Removable Seat. Features Bright LED lighting

A rugged, high-powered electric scooter, the Super Cycle Super Turbo is another mashup of a scooter and a moped. It features knobby tires for stability and performance when the road gets rough, but is designed to offer smooth performance and portability. Expect top speeds of 26 miles per hour and distances of 18 miles per charge. A full battery recharge should take six to eight hours. Unique among the others on this list, the Super Cycle features motorcycle-like design and functional elements, such as a shock suspension, handlebar throttle, and a disc brake system. An added feature is the ability to dial in a balance between performance and battery use by using three power modes. This scooter is a bit heavy, though, weighing 77 pounds. Available on Amazon, the Super Cycle is a lot of scooter for the price.

EcoReco - M5 Electric Scooter Black (Renewed)
  • Lithium-ion battery with fast charge
  • Silent engine, zero emissions.
  • Energy Recovery Braking system (E.R.B.)
  • Zero-friction hub motor

At first glance, the EcoReco looks just like some of the other sleek, foldable urban commuting scooters on the market. Like the Super Cycle though, you can dial in maximum speed based on your preferences. Just tooling around town? Cap the speed at seven miles per hour to sip from the battery. Looking to get home quickly? Dial it up to 20 miles per hour and get moving. This electric scooter charges in just a few hours and will take you anywhere between 10 and 20 miles per charge, depending on the speed setting. Currently only available through EcoReco directly.




I/M Mi Electric Scooter (EU Version, Black)
  • Simple, sleek, and easy-to-use
  • Weighs 26.9 lbs
  • Foldable aluminum frame
  • Top speed of 15 MPH
  • Battery range up to 18.6 miles
Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter w/ Premium Li-Ion Battery
  • Never-flat tires
  • Quiet brushless and gearless motor
  • Full charge battery in 3.75 hours
  • Foldable into a dolly
  • Pedestrian bell
  • Top speed of 15 MPH
Magnum Premium IMAX S1+ Adult Electric Scooter - 500W, Large Capacity 48V/10A Lithium Battery - Easy Fold-n-Carry Design (Blue)
  • High-powered and highly rated
  • 500 Watt motor
  • Top speed of 20 MPH
  • Wide deck
  • Soft, air-filled tires
  • Weighs 36 lbs
  • Real wood desk
  • Disk brakes
  • 20-mile range
UberScoot 1600w 48v Electric Scooter
  • 1,600 Watt motor
  • Chain-drive, inflatable 11-inch tires
  • Adjustable seat
  • Weight capacity of 265 lbs
  • Up to 8 hours to full charge
  • 10-mile range
QIEWA Q1Hummer 800Watts 37MPH Electric Scooter with Dual Disk Brakes Max Driving Range Up to 65 Miles,550lbs Max Load Weight with 26Ah 48V Lithium Battery
  • Dual-disc brakes
  • Waterproof design
  • 800 Watt brushless motor
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery
  • 25-mile range
Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter
  • Skateboard, cruiser-bike look
  • Top speeds at 18 MPH
  • 10-mile range
  • Up to 12 hours to fully charge
  • 500 Watt motor
Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter with 8.5' Cushioned Tires, Cruise Control and 1-Step Portable Folding - Swagger 5
  • Light and portable
  • Weighs 70 lbs
  • Top speed at 15 MPH
  • 5-mile range
GigaByke V2 Groove 2.0-750W Electric Motorized Bike (White)
  • Functioning pedals
  • 750 Watt motor
  • 20-mile range
  • Top speed at 20 MPH
  • LED headlight
  • Comfortable seat
  • Weighs 180 lbs
Super Turbo 1000 LED Edition (Red)
  • Top speed at 26 MPH
  • 18-mile range
  • Full charge at 6 to 8 hours
  • Shock suspension
  • Handlebar throttle
  • Disc brake system
  • Weighs 77 lbs
EcoReco - M5 Electric Scooter Black (Renewed)
  • Sleek, fordable
  • Top speed at 20 MPH
  • 10 to 20-mile range
  • Speed settings

The Verdict

While all of the models in this list have solid user reviews, we believe that the best model combines portability with speed and charging performance. You don't want a super-fast scooter, as the high velocity can make the scooter less safe and can reduce battery life. At the same time, you want enough power to maneuver hills and get you across the city. For us, the EcoReco S5 takes the classic look of a Razor scooter and adds premium power and features. The versatility of its speed selection mode helps you only consume the battery power you need.

Availability is the only concern with the EcoReco. Like several electric scooters that we researched, inventory often becomes scarce. The EcoReco S5 is supposed to be available from the manufacturer at the end of July 2018.

For those looking for an entry-level electric scooter option, the Xiaomi MiScooter will give you reliable performance. Since these are the boilerplate scooters for many city sharing programs, they may be the simplest to operate and easiest to maintain. Their mass acceptance may also result in more service options in the future as well.

What do you think? Have you driven a scooter from a rental program or do you know someone who owns one? Tell us your favorite in the comments and pass on some consumer power.


Featured Image: CC by 2.0, by Aaron Anderer, via Flickr


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