Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard Review

yuneec e-go electric skateboard

Imagine zooming along, on your self-propelled board, while the rest of the city sits in tightly packed public transit. If you're tired of the bus commute to and from work, the Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard is an alternative to consider. You want to get to different destinations on time and safely. An electric skateboard is a great mode of transportation for in-city riding. It's almost like flying, and it certainly gives you a lot more control over your commute without adding to the pollution problem like driving does.

If your boss has given you an ultimatum, or you're tired of waking up extra early, just to miss the bus, you don't have to worry any longer. With an electric skateboard, you have a simple and efficient mode of transport that is reliable. And, it is an Eco-friendly way to get around town, without having to worry whether you're going to make it into the office on time. Not to mention, it's just plain fun.

Benefits of Electric Skateboards

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Owning an electric skateboard is beneficial on many fronts. Getting to places faster, eliminating CO2 gases and noxious fumes, and giving riders complete control of their commute are some benefits. Some additional benefits the Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard offers its owners include:

  • An elegant design with sleek finishes and detail
  • Pneumatic wheels which glide seamlessly on pavement and dirt
  • Personalization options with a smartphone app

The Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard is extremely reliable. It is lightweight, however, it is designed with quality materials for long-lasting use. It features a brushless motor which is intended to last for several years without wearing down. The skateboard also features a durable deck which is flexible and provides optimal support for riders. It isn't too stiff, so users won't feel uncomfortable during longer rides on the skateboard deck.

Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard Specs

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The Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard weighs about 14 pounds. Its top speeds are about 13.5 miles per hour and it requires three to five hours for a full charge. The maximum user weight for this skateboard is 220 pounds. With their purchase, customers receive a the wireless remote, charger, USB cable, t-tool, and pin-tools to put the skateboard together. The Bluetooth, wireless remote is compatible with most smartphone models.

Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard Features

Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard

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Of course, it's important to consider the great features of the Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard prior to purchase. This allows consumers to determine if its the right model for their needs.

Range and riding time

Lightweight and versatile

Wireless controller and smartphone app compatibility

Speed control

Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard Pros & Cons

ego-3 electric skateboards

Before purchasing a new electric skateboard, riders should consider the benefits and drawbacks of several products. Some of the pros owners will enjoy that the Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard offer includes.

Consumers should also consider the drawbacks of the skateboard which include.


  • Simple controls allow experienced and beginners to learn how to ride the skateboard easily
  • Energy consumption modes allow riders to determine speeds and riding parameters
  • Compatibility with iPhone and Android smartphones
  • Availability of parts virtually anywhere online where electric skateboards are available for purchase


  • The motor is extremely loud when riding the skateboard
  • It is expensive in comparison to other electric skateboards with a similar motor/capabilities
  • A long charging time of three to five hours
  • It doesn't reach speeds as high as other electric skateboard models

Because there are so many brands and models available, those who are shopping for an electric skateboard should compare several of them. Doing so allows consumers to decide if the Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard, or other products, are best for their commute.

Comparison of Electric Skateboard Models

Several electric skateboards have features and designs that are similar to the Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard. Below are a few models in the same price range consumers might consider when comparing the top-rated products within their budget.

BLITZART Huracane 38" Electric Skateboard Electronic Longboard 17mph 350W Hub-Motor 3.5" 90mm (Red)
  • GREAT RANGE AND SPEED - Fly down the streets with confidence and style on this electric skateboard with remote. On this longboard skateboard cruiser you can reach a max speed of up to 17 MPH. It has a range of 6-8 miles once it is fully charged. It's equipped with a secured 36V, 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery pack (battery included) which can be fully charged within 3 hours.
  • ERGONOMIC WIRELESS REMOTE - Our electric skateboard remote controller is comfortable and easy to grip. With an easy-to-hold wireless remote that controls acceleration and deceleration, it has a mode and speed for beginners or advanced skaters. It also comes with reverse capability. An ergonomic wrist strap for the electric skateboard remote controller helps to prevent dropping.
  • MAPLE WOOD AND BAMBOO DECK WITH PREMIUM GRIP TAPE - The deck consists of strong and supple 7-ply maple wood and has 2 layers of bamboo on the bottom of the board. This layered construction gives your longboard deck more flexibility and sturdiness. The deck is outfitted with grip tape to keep the rider's feet firmly in place and stay on the board, which supports a max weight of 250lbs.
  • 350W MOTOR WITH REGENERATIVE BRAKING - When it comes to hub motors vs belt drive motors, hub motors are more reliable and less problem-prone. For this reason, we only use hub motors. Our hub motors also give the board an aesthetically pleasing appearance to the overall design. Your electric skateboard can also be kicked like a regular board even without juice, making it easier to use no matter where you take it.
  • SHIPS FULLY ASSEMBLED - Save yourself the time and hassle of assembly when you can ride your board instantly out of the box.
BLITZART Huracane 38' Electric Skateboard Electronic Longboard 17mph 350W Hub-Motor 3.5' 90mm (Red)

At 38 inches in length, this longboard is capable of achieving top speeds of 17 miles per hour. Once the battery is completely charged, the skateboard can run for up to 10 miles. It also features a secure 36 volt, 4.0 Ah lithium-ion battery pack, which charges in two and a half hours.

One of the pros customers appreciate with this skateboard is the ergonomic wireless remote. They can easily accelerate and decelerate with the touch of a button. The maple and bamboo deck is durable and also features a premium grip-tape, to help riders stabilize and balance on the board.

One of the major complaints owners make is that it can only go 10 miles on a full charge. Some also complain that the skateboard gets stuck at top speeds when using the wireless remote. This is extremely dangerous, especially for new riders.

ACTON Blink Lite | Summer Sale | World's Lightest Electric Skateboard for Youth | Up to 5 Mile Range | 10 MPH Top Speed | Bluetooth Remote Control Included
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS & TEENS UP TO 130 LBS - Different from our high-performance skateboards, the BLINK Lite is a fun, playful electric skateboard that is perfect for riding around town and school, and our lithium-ion batteries will provide young riders UP TO 5 MILES on a single charge.
  • 6 MONTH LIMITED WARRANTY. In the unlikely event of defect, ACTON warrants that this product will be free of manufacturing and/or workmanship defects for a period of 6 months.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHT. Weighing in at only 7.7 pounds, our lightweight electric skateboards are easy to pack up and carry around at school, work, and home. Perfect for the busy student!
  • BLUETOOTH REMOTE CONTROL. Turn your board on or off with the flick of a switch, then choose Forward or Reverse and simply press the lever to begin cruising to your destination!

Solid construction, with a top speed of ten miles per hour, makes this a perfect electric skateboard for teens and young riders. It has a user weight capacity of up to 130 pounds, making it perfect for those learning to ride. It comes with a six-month limited warranty on parts and the motor, in the event of defects.

ACTON Blink Lite | Summer Sale | World's Lightest Electric Skateboard for Youth | Up to 5 Mile Range | 10 MPH Top Speed | Bluetooth Remote Control Included

Owners appreciate the safety aspects of this electric skateboard. Since it is made with younger riders in mind, the top speed of ten miles per hour is safe for beginners and novice riders. The skateboard also has built-in safety LED lights making riders highly visible in the dark. The skateboard is lightweight, at approximately eight pounds. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote.

One of the major complaints owners have is the reliability of the skateboard. Some claim it doesn't hold the charge and short circuits after only a few miles. Many owners also claim the battery completely gave out after only one or two months of owning the skateboard. Issues with power consumption and battery/power retention, are the biggest flaws customers note regarding this skateboard.

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard,Max Range 18.6 Miles,Top Speed 25 MPH,Dual Motor 500 W,8 Layers Maple with Remote Controller,Tornado 2nd Generation
  • Cruise and Climb - Skatebolt Electric Longboard keeps cruising up to 18.6 miles with a full charge. With dual motors, its running speed goes up to 25 mph and it's strong enough to climb a 25°steep hill.
  • Durable and Stable - This longboard is made with 8 layers of northeast maple which make it sturdier to support a weight up to 280 lbs. The wheels (90 mm) and the deck (38*9.4*5.5 in) are wider for a smooth and stable skateboarding.
  • Taillights for Safety - The powered skateboard is equipped with 2 red warning taillights. To ensure a safe riding in the dark street. They will keep blinking to warn any vehicles coming behind you when you hold the brake.
  • Wireless Remote - The remote controller is designed with a finger ring to help you hold it naturally and securely. You can easily control the speed mode, turn on the taillight, brake and check battery capacity.
  • Shop with Confidence - Our electric skateboard is approved with EMC, FCC, LVD and ROHS.6-month warranty guaranteed. Repair service available with a support center located in LA.

With top speeds of 25 miles per hour and a range of up to 15 miles on a single charge, this electric skateboard goes further and faster than most. It features eight layers of maple wood in the construction, creating a solid and sturdy riding frame. A 1000-watt dual-motor is efficient, and provides riders with longer ride times on a single charge.

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard,Max Range 18.6 Miles,Top Speed 25 MPH,Dual Motor 500 W,8 Layers Maple with Remote Controller,Tornado 2nd Generation

This powerful electric skateboard has a hill climbing rating of 30 percent, which allows riders to easily ride up smaller hills and dips in the road. The higher weight capacity of 280 pounds also makes it accessible to many riders. The ABS regenerative brake system keeps riders safe and the LED lights provide additional safety for nighttime riders.

The high price-tag is a major complaint of many consumers as this skateboard is higher in price than most models on this list. 

Some also complain that the battery doesn't hold as long as the manufacturer claims. Complaints of sparks and possible fire or other safety hazards are noted by some owners when attempting to charge the skateboard.

Atom Electric B10 Skateboard

Atom electric b10 skateboard

A powerful 1000-watt motor and superior software, make this one of the top electric skateboards available for the price. A regenerative braking system allows riders to seamlessly stop if they encounter any danger while riding. The skateboard achieves top speeds of 16 miles per hour and can ride up to seven miles on a full charge.

A nice feature of this skateboard is the 12 percent incline grade. Riders who want to go up smaller hills can do so easily with this skateboard. At only 11 pounds, the skateboard is easy to transport. The belt-drive motor is also efficient and economical to preserve battery power on the skateboard.

Owners complain that for the price, they would hope for a longer distance range than seven miles. Some also complain that the LED safety lights stop functioning shortly after purchasing the skateboard. Owners who are close to the max rider capacity of 220 pounds note the skateboard doesn't achieve the highest speeds

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Longboard 4.4AH Lithium Battery,Dual Motor Each 250W, 32 Inches Maple with Remote Control
  • √Strong and Durable -The deck which is made of 6 layers maple deck and 1 layer of bamboo supports the flexibility and sturdiness of the electric skateboard. Top speed is up to 16 MPH, max 10° climbing capacity.
  • √250 W HUB-MOTORS - 83 mm Brushless Hub dual motor each 250 W with REGENERATIVE BRAKING. Max range 9.3 Miles, reliable performance, max ride enjoyment in breaking, acceleration and deceleration
  • √LONGER RANGE -4400 mah, 25.2V Lithium battery, more powerful and more stamina, come out of the box and ready to go
  • √ERGONOMIC REMOTE - Easy to change speed modes. Smooth braking and simple direction changing are suitable for the beginners. You can also know the battery capacity via the indicators on it.
  • √Safety and Satisfaction - 6 MONTH WARRANTY. We have maintenance center for repair and replacement in USA and warrants that this product will be free of manufacturing and/or workmanship defects for a period of 6 months

Featuring a dual-motor, the 32-inch maple wood electric skateboard is durable and features an elegant finish. It has a maximum user capacity of 220 pounds and features six-layers of Canadian maple for a sturdy riding base. The wireless remote allows riders to accelerate, decelerate, and change directions seamlessly.

Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Longboard 4.4AH Lithium Battery,Dual Motor Each 250W, 32 Inches Maple with Remote Control

Owners like the incline grade of 15 percent on this electric skateboard, allowing them to go up relatively steep hills when riding. The max speeds of 12 miles per hour are also similar to other electric skateboards in this price range. The wear-resistant pneumatic wheels also create a solid foundation and riding base for the electric skateboard.

Among the complaints purchasers have is the riding distance range. Most riders claim it only gets approximately five miles on a full charge. With the maximum cycle life of 500-rides, some also believe the skateboard is a little pricey for the limited lifespan. Lastly, riders note that the motor power tends to dissipate after only a few weeks of use, which reduces distance and speed capabilities.

Is Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard the Right Skateboard for You?

For those who are on the fence about purchasing the Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard, in comparison to other models, it seems to be the top choice. Consumers should note the product flaws. The fact that it is noisy when riding and doesn't feature an LED safety light, are two areas the manufacturer failed in. Additionally, the travel range of 13 miles is a bit shorter than some of the other electric skateboards on the list.

With these flaws, the Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard does offer several benefits for riders of all ages. For the price, it is the skateboard which seems to have the best usability features. In addition to the wireless remote, users can also control it via a smartphone app. The skateboard does require three to five hours to charge. With this being said, most owners claim it achieves the full riding distance range of approximately 13 miles on a full charge.

The Yuneec E-go Electric Skateboard is reasonably priced in a competitive niche market. It does have some drawbacks consumers should consider. With those being noted, for the price, it seems to offer the best features on the list. In addition, similarly priced skateboards don't have as high of a rating as the Yunee E-go skateboard.


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